Are you actually making money? Are you doing better or worse than last year?

Expertise and today’s software solutions can provide peace of mind.

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by your record keeping responsibilities while you are trying to manage your business? You are a fantastic restaurateur and the reviews are consistently glowing …. Yet the paperwork. You wonder, am I actually making money? Am I doing better or worse than last year? Am I getting the information I need soon enough to act on it? Am I meeting deadlines for filing HST, employee remittances, workers’ compensation and income tax instalments so I can avoid penalties and interest?
Am I doing better or worse than last year?
Using QuickBooks software will enable to get timely answers to questions such as this. We can train you to use Quickbooks or do it for you. If we do it for you, you would provide us with completed daily sales summaries derived from the cash register tapes and vouchers from paid outs, paid bills, monthly bank statements and payroll time sheets. In addition to providing you with informative reports that respond to the above questions, we could:
  • Prepare your payroll and maintain your general ledger
  • Have monthly meetings to review the revenue, expenses and balance sheet items in detail
  • Provide comparisons of financial statement ratios to expectations so you know where you stand.
You will find it to be easy to respond to Canada Revenue Agency’s requests for information, often simply by producing custom QuickBooks reports. Suggested action: Invite me to meet with me for a free, no obligation consultation to learn more how to better understand and grow your business. PS: Unlike some others, as a member of CPA Ontario I am accountable not only to you but to the profession.

Steven Agulnik, B.Comm., CPA, CGA
Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor
202 O’Connor Street Ottawa, Ontario K2P1T6

Steven Agulnik

Steven Agulnik was born and raised in Ottawa. He graduated from Carleton University's commerce program. After graduating, he joined his father's accounting firm of Finkleman and Agulnik, where he practiced tax accounting and accounting for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) for over 30 years. Steven has now taken over management of the firm.